May 21, 2011

week 20

saturday i had to close at work.
sunday, the screen on my laptop whacked out.
monday, i took the photos that i posted in my previous blog post. tuesday, noelle & i spent the day in racine. we went to good will and i got an orange v-neck, a black & white striped shirt & a pair of moccasins for $10; we went to noodles & co for dinner and had starbucks for dessert, and then we went to kohl's and shoe carnival to see if i could find some sandals to wear to the wedding i'm shooting in june (we were unsuccessful)
wednesday noelle & i filled out job applications for a local restaurant and 2 subway locations. thursday i had to close at work & we had baseball teams/it was really nice out so we were busy.friday my new camera strap and the dress that i'm wearing to the wedding i'm shooting in june arrived in the mail; noelle & i put applications in at a car dealership for a receptionist position and then she came over and we took pictures, watched NCIS with my mom & ordered chinese food.
i can't believe my hair still looks this red... i haven't done anything to it since just before the new year.

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