March 19, 2013

my first pair of leggings

{ hat ~ hot topic ; necklace ~ deb? ; grey sweater ~ walmart ; 
green sweater ~ thrifted ; leggings ~ walmart ; boots ~ lane bryant }

last night i bought my first pair of leggings. i know, i've been living under a rock.
this may have been one of my more dangerous purchases in a while... now i don't know if i'm ever going to want to put real pants on ever again.

it's still cold, much to my dismay. a balmy 13*. spring, oh spring, where are you?

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection lipstick in spellbound }

i don't know whether to take advantage of the snow and the snuggly weather while it's still around or to hope and wait and wish and pray for spring.

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