March 26, 2013

tele, taling, telink

{ cardigan ~ old navy ; shirt ~ jcpenney ; pants ~ thrifted ; moccasins ~ minnetonka }

i picked up these awesome teal pants when noelle and i went thrifting last night. they're a bit long for me, but i love the colour and the fit of them too much to be worried about the length.

it felt really really good to get out of the house for half an hour and have uninterrupted time to take pictures today. sometimes i forget how therapeutic it is to just go out and take photos because you want to.
i love self portrait therapy.

also: i need new moccasins. these ones are almost 5 years old and they're starting to get holes in the soles. :(

{ necklaces ~ thrifted }

{ eyes ~ maybelline new york pulse perfection mascara ;
lips ~ revlon lip butter in raspberry pie }

i dyed my hair sunday night... it was supposed to be a really warm brown, but there was a lot of red in my hair still so it turned a pretty auburn colour and i love it a lot.

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