July 21, 2013

hey burlington

My trip home started with a confusing trip to Children's where Noelle had Sage. I got lost and ended up at the staff entrance to the maternity wing and had to turn around and start all over again. But it was worth it, because meeting the little guy and seeing my best friend always trumps the frustration with Milwaukee traffic and navigating giant, confusing hospitals by myself.

When I got home, I helped my mom water her flowers and got to take my annual pictures of my grandma's clematis plant. The original plan was to make burgers and BBQ chicken on the grill, but we ran out of gas so had to move it inside. My "brothers" (the dog & the cat) were very happy to see me.

This little bugger. I love him to death, but when I got home, my mom handed him to me and he bit me square in the nose.

Bryce and I hung out Wednesday night and made a traditional Kenosha run. We went to Superb and smelled incense and talked to the girls working there. Then we went to IHOP for coffee, chicken, and waffles and made a mountain of creamer and sugar packets.

After Kenosha, we went to Walmart because neither of us felt like going home quite yet.
(And really, what is a trip home without a Walmart trip?) 

(Vest & Skirt: Thrifted, Tank: Old Navy, Purse: Shoe Carnival)

Thursday I went to see my padre and I visited my grandma before getting back on the road to Waupaca. I visited Adrian's and gave hugs to all my former coworkers and then forgot my quart of Pistachio Almond at home. I had to stop in one of my favourite parks to take my 365 too.

 (Vest & Necklace: Thrifted, Dress: Target, Sandals: Kohls)

It felt good to go home, just to see everyone, but Burlington doesn't really feel like home anymore. It's familiar, a reminder of where I grew up and where I came from... but it didn't feel the same to go back this time. This is probably how I should have felt when I came home from Savannah, or at least it feels similar to what my friends have told me about when they come home from college. It's weird to say that Waupaca feels like home now... but it's true. And it feels very good.

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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