December 07, 2013

i will follow you into the dark

This song holds so many memories, and this lyric has always struck a chord deep within me. I used this quote on my senior tile that's in the hallway mural of my high school. I have wanted this tattoo since somewhere between middle school and high school, and the fact that it is now a reality sort of blows me away.

My first tattoo (see it here) means a lot to me. I got it after I came home from Savannah and it symbolizes my need to always find my way home. My compass came first because I wanted to be sure I really wanted a lyric on my skin for the rest of my life, and I haven't stopped thinking about this tattoo since.

Through the ups and downs of my teenage years, this quote stuck in the back of my head. Through the loss of my innocence, the demise of my first relationship, my family being ripped apart from the inside out... Through all the bad times in my life, I have found that this quote holds true. Love is downright scary, and from your fear you have to learn to love--whether it's other people, different situations, any change at all. I think I most loved this quote this past year as my relationship with Justin grew and I formed a new and loving relationship with myself.

Now I only wish it were summer so I could wear skirts and dresses and shorts and show this off. ;)

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