February 16, 2014

brb, chasing light

I almost don't want to decorate in the apartment because I love watching light dance across the walls in the mornings and afternoons. The living room gets the best light through the window at about 3 o' clock, and our bedroom gets an A+ for morning sun showers, even through the curtains.

Valentines Day week, you were tough. It was almost like everyone was just off their game this week. My one little word stayed with me a lot this week and reminded me to keep going when things got tough. I realized that since making Unafraid my word for the year, I've been journaling a lot more than I used to. My Moleskine that I've had since my Savannah days is almost full of words and sketches and scribbles; I'll be on the hunt for a new journal sooner than I think.

More than anything this week, I've been yearning for spring. I want to be able to go outside and not have to wear leggings under my pants to keep me warm. I want to be able to wear shoes other than the heavy boots my mom got me for Christmas... though I will kind of miss wearing these mittens I found the other day. I want to break out all my spring lipsticks and my pink nail polish. I want to see grass again, and trees with new growth. I want to take shadow selfies in puddles from the melting snow.

I am yearning for spring this week, 7/52.

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