February 24, 2014

currently, february edition

drinking lots & lots of coffee, preferably with samoa coffee creamer

expanding my collection of thrifted mugs... i think it's time to start culling because my cupboard is too full

reading everything i can get my hands on lately

eating whopper's robin eggs & peanut butter m&ms; we love easter candy!

wishing it was spring because i'm so sick of wearing snow boots all the time

getting inspired by my closet again, which is really the best thing ever

wearing all the ugly sweaters until i have to pack them away to make room for summer clothes

catching up on grey's anatomy

making a list of craft goals i want to accomplish

loving all the light parties, everywhere, all the time

becoming a morning person... i never thought i'd see the day (but i love it)

1 comment:

  1. I love your pictures of coffee :) And I wanna see a tour of your mugs!