June 28, 2014

all we can do is keep breathing

Sometimes you just have to follow the light and see where it takes you. I originally wanted to take photos in the parking lot but they didn't look right. So I went to Swan Park to explore the dog walking trail (which you've seen here & here) and I just walked and walked until the light told me to stop. I found my ability to "wing it" has returned and it feels really good to just trust my instincts where my self portraiture is concerned.

This week was hard. It feels like I have said that every week for the past month, and I'm trying to pull myself out of this. I finished season 3 of Grey's Anatomy this week, and the finale got to me. When Meredith cuts Cristina out of the dress and this song is playing, I can't hold back the ugly heart wrenching sobs. So consequently, "Keep Breathing" has been stuck in my head all week and I think it's what made me want to go take photos again.

Week 26/52! Happy halfway point, 2014.

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