August 20, 2014

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Kara Haupt... Where do I begin to explain the fabulousness that is Kara Haupt? I first discovered Kara on flickr in 2010, and I have been keeping up with her work ever since. Her Instagram feed is flawless, full of adventures with her roommate/best friend, photos of her cat #piplukehaupt, and lots of creative energy.

Kara is the hashtag master, selfie queen, and all around driving force of a bunch of inspiring and unstoppable things. Kara is a design student at Pacific Northwest College of Art. She runs a business called Classes Kara Made, where you can find ecourses about art journaling, photography and iPhone-ography. And then there's #babevibes.

"Babe Vibes is about women and the power of calling oneself a babe. It's energy, vulnerability, sisterhood, and identity. It's about empowerment on a babe's terms."

Babe Vibes is something that I have followed very closely from its conception. It's something that I 100% fully support and will promote every chance I get. Kara is a card carrying feminist, and every day she pushes the envelope against the patriarchy a little bit more and inspires me to do the same. From her rants on twitter to the work she does with Babe Vibes, to the notes she writes herself, Kara Haupt is a force to be reckoned with.

The #babevibes tag on Instagram is one I use every chance I get. I love that Kara has created a little community where women can come together and revel in our babeliness. For me, #babevibes means positivity. It means confidence and fearlessness. And there's a lot of red lipstick.

Kara inspires me to break ground within myself, to discover those places shrouded in shadow and then use those discoveries to make the world better.

Find Kara around the internet... website, instagram, twitter, Classes Kara Made, Babe Vibes

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