September 29, 2014


The first self portrait I ever uploaded to flickr. FIVE YEARS AGO. This was the day of registration for my senior year of high school. I cut my bangs in the bathroom mirror, and applied and took off and reapplied red lipstick a thousand times trying to see if I could work up the guts to wear it in my school ID picture. 

It's amazing, looking back, how far I've come with my self portraits. I owe a lot of that to my first 365. Sometimes I still think it's unbelievable that I took a photo of myself every day for an entire year. I learned so much about my camera and photography and myself in those 365 days. Thinking about it makes me anxious to get back in front of the camera again because I feel like I have more searching to do within myself, and my preferred medium is through self portraits. I've been contemplating another 365 lately, after I finish up my 52 weeks project for the year maybe, or on my birthday. I miss forcing myself to take pictures every day.

I'm so in love with photography. I love taking pictures. I love that I started out on flickr and made so many great friendships there. I love Instagram and documenting my every day life. I love blogging and having a space to write out my feelings and have a space for all the photos I take. I love having an opportunity to be able to share my life with friends and family that I don't get to see very often, and with people from all around the world. I love being able to tell stories, through pictures and words.

My love for my craft is never ending.

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  1. I love that I got to become friends with you all because of Flickr. Who would have thought?! I am so thankful that you are alive & that I have had the opportunity to share in your life :) I appreciate you so much. You inspire me more than I can even express to you. I don't have even an ounce of the confidence that you have, but seeing you so comfortable in your body & not being afraid to share it gives me hope that one day I will be like you, too.