November 11, 2014

daylight savings blues

From the archives, November 2011

I remember the way I felt when I took this photo. Photography wasn't exciting to me anymore. I was heading into my first Christmas season at the studio, preparing me for working 7 days a week during most of 2012. Pre-burnout, pre-family meltdown, pre-Justin. I was a whole different person.

And yet... I haven't picked up my camera in weeks. I miss photography. I miss blogging. I feel the same way now that I did then. It's funny how much can change in three years and yet how the same feelings can come back to haunt us. Old ghosts ratting around in our tired, achy bones. Daylight savings time drained me of energy. While I was grateful for an extra hour of sleep, I miss the sun. I miss warmth and I miss light parties and I miss having light until at least 6 o' clock.

I'm in a funk. I have to reinspire myself, look for magic in my everyday life again. I want to make the rest of this year count.

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