February 24, 2015


"'Why? Why would you write 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You? Do we really need 10,000 ways? Aren't you getting a little bit obsessed?' Of course I'm obsessed. Teachers and artists are always obsessed by their topics."

I was flipping through 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You the other night and that part from the introduction caught my eye. It's so true... Whenever I get inspired, I dive in headfirst to whatever it is that I'm working on, whether it's photography or painting or knitting or whatever else I can throw myself into. I always recognize that energy when it's there and say a prayer of thanksgiving for it because it means that I get to do what I love. I'm always looking forward to the next thing I can get my hands on, but I always enjoy the process in the middle.

Right now I'm in the in between. I need to get more yarn for my blanket. I'm staring at a painting I started a month ago because I think it needs something but I can't figure out what that something is. I'm still trying to take a picture every day for February. Works in progress are everywhere around me and I'm still excited about them because I'm obsessed with what I do. And that feels so good.

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