June 18, 2015

currently, june edition

reheating coffee from yesterday

reading like a maniac... I've finished four books this week & it's only Thursday 

vowing to use my library card more

crossing things off my wedding to do list like a champ

cleaning up my office/bedroom... a complete overhaul is 100% necessary

using a disposable camera that expired in 2004 to capture life the past couple days

hoping the shots turn out & I can make a mini book out of them

thinking about ways to get my camera collection off my bookshelf & onto the wall

punching holes in everything I can so I can add to my confetti envelope

still working on my scrap yarn blanket... which at this rate might take me until Christmas to finish

cutting stars out of gold duct tape to embellish a page for my summer book

deciding which photos to print from the first half of june

enjoying making time every day to make stuff

wishing my momma a happy birthday today :)

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