July 15, 2015

sneak peak

Working on my summer book. My photos came in yesterday and I ordered more photos last night before I went to bed. My book is getting nice and thick. I'm so beyond happy I decided to make a book to document my summer this year. I have printed more photos in the last two months than I'm pretty sure I've had printed in the last 5 years. (So I'm crossing #4 off my birthday list!) 

Some of you may notice that my cover is different from the last time I did an update... I had an unfortunate encounter with black paint that ended up all over my other cover. Totally digging the change, though. Totally digging this album, making different layouts and finding inserts to add. I will always #doitfortheprocess of making things, but making stuff feels almost more fulfilling when you enjoy the outcome of your process just as much. 

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