October 15, 2015

currently, october edition

cuddling with whiskers every night after work.

attempting to write every day. last night it was poetry about coffee.

smiling about this season in life. 

listening to mayday parade's a lesson in romantics album on a constant loop like it's 2008 all over again. 

seeing my grandma everywhere: in falling leaves, light parties, creamer swirls in my coffee. she's always with me. 

watching what else... grey's anatomy! loving this season so far. 

trying to be good to myself. lots and lots of self care and self love. 

drinking pumpkin creamer in my coffee. ('tis the season!)

knitting the beast of a blanket—7 rows until it's done!

brainstorming what project I want to tackle next. 

feeling a little guilty for not finishing my summer mini book. august got away from me. 

craving zucchini bread like my grandma used to make. 

loving the fall weather lately... I've missed my ugly sweaters!

wishing everyone a happy thursday. 

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