January 28, 2016

meet the cats!

Meet the cats. Spooky, Whiskers, and Mew. 

Spooky... (aka Booky or "The B.C.") is king, basically. He's 16 & our oldest cat and we wait on him hand and foot. He gives the best head butt cuddles and is always super excited whenever we come home from work because he knows his people are back.  

Whiskers... (aka "The Kitten") is my cat. (Spooky is Justin's.) He loves sleeping on top of the hot water heater, and on top of the furnace in the winter. He gets jealous if we feed Booky before him and is always first in line for cat nip on the scratching post. 

Mew... (aka the girl cat or "Baby Girl") is the most entertaining of all the cats. She hates when either of tries to give her any attention whatsoever. Her and The Kitten are best buddies. We think she's scared of the Booky Cat. She's always the first to tell you when she's hungry, and the first to try to escape upstairs whenever we try to open the door. 

They're our fur babies. We treat them and love them like our actual children. #catmomforever 

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