November 24, 2016


Thankful for... coffee. My first cup for keeping me awake while I drove home this morning, and my second for comfort after I got home. 

Thankful for... family. The first Thanksgiving without my dad has been hard, but I know he's here in spirit. My family has been checking in with me all day to make sure I'm okay. Nothing like unconditional love to make you feel appreciated. 

Thankful for... thoughtfulness. We did Christmas gifts today since I'm spending the holiday with Justin's family this year. My mom's friend made me a quilt with a bunch of my dad's shirts and his work pants and a couple of his hats. It's THE BEST gift I have ever received, and I will for sure cherish it for years to come. 

Thankful for... catching up. Trips home are always ripe with catching up with my high school friends. I'm going out to meet Bryce in a little bit and tonight Noelle is coming over to watch the GILMORE Girls revival at midnight. I honestly don't know where I would be without those two. 

Thankful for... memory keeping. Where would I be without photography and story telling and this very blog and all of my other social media outlets? It's my time capsule, my way of remembering the events of my life, and I'm grateful for the many many memories I have captured and recorded in this space. 

Thankful for... love, above all else. This season in my life has been one of the hardest, most stressful seasons that I have endured. Through it all though, love remains. It keeps growing stronger and stronger when life seems to get shittier and shittier. I'm thankful for the bonds I have with my people, and I know that they won't ever sever. 

I'm thankful for so much this year. Happy Thanksgiving. 

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