November 10, 2016

we all need a little love right now

Tuesday. Election Day. I went to work as usual. Cristin and I made plans to go vote after she got done with work and then go back to her house and get wine drunk after. I took the picture on the left on the walk from Cristin's to the Rec Center to vote. The magic hour light was inspiring. It was enough to make me feel confident, hopeful even, that Wednesday morning would be a time of celebration. A time to say, "Hey, guess what. We made history last night with our new President, for the second time in a row."

I checked the election results before going to bed that night, after three glasses of Franzia Sunset Blush and I felt sick to my stomach. Not just from the alcohol, but from the sheer form of terror that started churning in my stomach when Donald Trump was in the lead of the Electoral College. I woke up yesterday morning and felt numb to everything. The same numbness happened again this morning, slowly dissipating as I go through the routine of a "normal day." 

It's like I still can't believe it. I'm trying to stay off Facebook and Twitter right now because there's so much negativity on both platforms that it's enough to make your head spin. I've been sitting in the kitchen, spending time with Justin's mom and sometimes his sister. It's important right now to establish those bonds with your people, to know that no matter what happens, you will be there for them and they will be there for you. 

We all need love right now in the middle of this fear and hatred. Stand together. Fight harder. Be strong for one another. 

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