May 12, 2017

impulse much?


Last night before I got ready for bed, I decided that I would #treatmyself because a) I never got myself anything for my birthday, and b) last Friday, I got a rejection email from the company I interviewed with and mama needed a pick me up. So at 8:30 pm on a Thursday night, I was looking for anything with an online appointment book (because I'm a ~millennial~ and I hate talking on the phone). 

This morning I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for haircuts and finally decided on this one (and Ashley Benson is freaking gorgeous). When I asked snapchat and Instagram, the general consensus was YAS GIRL, DO IT. When I showed my stylist the picture she grinned and said, "Let's do it!" So awesome when other people trust your creative vision. 

And the last time I got my haircut was my dad's funeral. Double before & after then?


Totally love it. (And the 5 minute scalp massage was totally the most relaxing part of my day.)

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