July 06, 2017

good things

THE SUN. seriously, LOOK AT THE SUNSET TONIGHT. CRAZY. I also posted a couple videos of the crazy heat lightning that came along with this gorgeous sunset in my snap story. I love the sky. 

journaling. I sat down at the kitchen table this morning and wrote in my 25 book while I drank my coffee. I might make it a habit. I didn't feel an anxious pull at my heart all morning like I normally do. 

breathing exercises. every day before I go to work, I sit in my car for two minutes. eyes closed. deep breath in. deep breath out. concentrate on your breath. feel your heartbeat slow. feel the breeze tickle your bangs on your forehead. hear the traffic buzzing by around you. just sit and be for a moment of peace before 7.5 hours of stress. 

we survived Car Show Weekend Day 1. 2 more days to go. 

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