December 27, 2011


just a quiet morning at home. i took my mom to the airport, came home and made a pot of coffee, looked at pretty pictures on the internet, and cuddled with my dog.

today i'm hanging out with my best friend, going shopping for a new winter coat & doing best friend gift exchange. i have the rest of the week off from work, so it will be nice to have a little time to relax.

xo, anna

December 26, 2011

christmas shenanigans

i started getting in the christmas spirit on wednesday night when i went to my friend emily's birthmas party. it was a lot of fun, seeing friends i hadn't seen since they went off to college/i started working 6 days a week. it was a ~classy party~ so we all wore dresses and drank fruit punch and dipped fruit in chocolate fondue.
me, pre-party.
shannon! :)

lorraine, emily's little sister.

kasey-kins, emily & anna

shannon & me by emily's awesome christmas tree

the birthday girl & shannon

emily, dancing to justin bieber's christmas album haha

LEAH. i love this dog.

taylor & anna.

"the cake is frowning!" mmm, this cake was delicious. it had raspberries in the middle!

last night, christmas eve, i accompanied my mother to a family friend's house. it was fun seeing people i hadn't seen in YEARS. and i got to take some pictures of some seriously adorable children (...and yes, i practiced making weird noises to get these kids to smile/laugh).

~eyelash pose~
my manager at work would be so proud

christmas day. today was... just another day almost. i got some money from my relatives that's going toward a new winter coat, i spent some time with my mom helping her get all the food ready & the house cleaned for tonight. we watched the last leg of 24 hours of a christmas story on tbs. our friend amy & her dog mister magoo came over for dinner. we had baked mostaccioli and salad and garlic bread. we went out to watch the packer game. we came home and my mom's currently snoring in her chair and i am still up and i am feeling so much christmas serenity right now.
my first attempt at whoopie pies. they came out poorly misshapen and a lot of them broke during assembly, but they tasted really delicious.

i love our tiny tree.

sparkling grape juice that i proceeded to spill all over the counter a few minutes after i took this...

mom's homemade baked mostaccioli.

amy & mr magoo :)

i'm definitely making these the next time i have to bring a dish to pass for something.

i got $75 for christmas, which is going toward my winter coat fund.
i talked to people who i know love me, and it warms my heart that they accept me as their own family.

i hope everyone had a lovely holiday.
xo, anna