I'm Anna Gutermuth. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer that just has a lot to say sometimes and takes too many pictures to not have a personal blog. I shoot with a Canon 6D Mark II DSLR and an iPhone 8+. I've been blogging on various platforms since middle school. I started this blog in 2011 and never looked back. I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin, did a 6-month stint in Savannah, GA for art school after I graduated and had to drop out after the economy tanked, and now I live in north central Wisconsin with my boyfriend Justin and our two cats, Whiskers and Mew.

Photography has been my "thing" since high school. In 2010, I completed a 365-day self-portrait challenge and uploaded everything to Flickr. I started this blog in 2011, mostly as a place to post my rolls of film when I used to actually shoot film (RIP all my film cameras), photo shoots, and document the adventures I took with my friends. In 2013, I started ~fashion blogging~ because it was the cool thing to do. I ran around with my camera and my tripod taking outfit photos and then would come home and wrack my brain trying to remember where all of my clothes came from and developed a sort of shopping problem. Over the years I have moved away from fashion blogging and dabbled in things like scrapbooking and knitting and painting. Now it's the things that make my life magic or whatever is on my mind, and I'm trying to do some self-portrait therapy once a week. This blog has always grown with me through the years, and I will always be thankful for that.

Mornings spent with a hot cup of coffee and taking a walk around the backyard are my jam. I love thirty-second dance parties to get you to loosen up and let go of whatever tension you are holding in your body. They're my favorite form of free therapy. My favorite playlist consists of a lot of bubblegum pop I grew up with and the pop-punk music I used to listen to in high school. I pretty much watch Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls on a loop. I'm not a big movie buff, but I quote Mean Girls and Bring It On in regular conversation whenever I can. My favorite emoji is the sparkle emoji. My favorite color is that brilliant shade of gold the light turns into during golden hour. And I'm always the first person to shout-out, "Look at the sky!" at every pretty sunset.

It's so nice to meet you. I'm glad you're here!