January 27, 2012

garage day

i spent the day with my dad working on my car. i forgot how good it feels to get dirty in the garage every once in a while. we fixed my low tire pressure sensor, found out one of my tires had a hole in it, changed my oil, cleaned the windows & vacuumed the interior. we unloaded some stuff my padre had in his truck from a swap meet last weekend; i drove us to antioch to make a cigarette run; we came back and watched american pickers & had hot dogs and mac 'n' cheese for dinner. it was a good day.

 my embarrassing litany of school pictures up through sophomore year my dad insists on keeping in his tool box...

dad's old racing trophies

8-track player!

the accursed nail...

camera flashlight my manager at work got me for christmas :)


it was so nice spending the day with my dad.
xo, anna

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