January 27, 2012

garage day

i spent the day with my dad working on my car. i forgot how good it feels to get dirty in the garage every once in a while. we fixed my low tire pressure sensor, found out one of my tires had a hole in it, changed my oil, cleaned the windows & vacuumed the interior. we unloaded some stuff my padre had in his truck from a swap meet last weekend; i drove us to antioch to make a cigarette run; we came back and watched american pickers & had hot dogs and mac 'n' cheese for dinner. it was a good day.

 my embarrassing litany of school pictures up through sophomore year my dad insists on keeping in his tool box...

dad's old racing trophies

8-track player!

the accursed nail...

camera flashlight my manager at work got me for christmas :)


it was so nice spending the day with my dad.
xo, anna

January 20, 2012

alyssa jarocki

today alyssa and i met up to shoot at the dance studio where she works! it was a lot of fun catching up with her, and it's always a pleasure to watch to her dance. i tried something different with the way i edited these; i've never done a complete black and white photo set before, but i'm very happy with the results.

i think alyssa looks kind of like audrey hepburn here. :)

i had a lot of fun today. :) i love catching up with old friends.
xo, anna

January 13, 2012

ty & bri

today i shot with brianna & ty, both very good friends who i went to high school with. it was a balmy seventeen degrees outside, and flurrying after our first snowfall of the season last night.

it was nice to see & shoot with my friends today, as well as enjoy the freshly fallen snow.
xo, anna

January 11, 2012

road trip!

today my father and i took a road trip to see my grandma whom i haven't seen in a very long time. we left early this morning and i only got three hours of sleep, but it was so nice to see her again. :)

i love taking pictures out the car window.

peppermint mocha. i will be so sad when these go away until next year.

galesburg, IL is such a pretty town.

tony! he's my grandma's best friend's dog, and he likes to dance for baby carrots.

aw, cute family pictures yay!

...and my dad can obviously focus my camera better than i can.

we stopped in ronald raegan's hometown on the way home for dinner. :)

i had a lot of fun hanging out with my padre today and seeing family that i haven't seen in years.
xo, anna