February 17, 2013

see green, see blue

{ sweater ~ thrifted ; shirt ~ thrifted ; jeans ~ old navy ;
belt ~ ruche ; boots ~ mom's closet }

last night i spent a good portion of the my internet time looking for plus sized fashion blogs, online window shopping, and pinning everything i liked on pinterest.

this sweater has been my go-to sweater lately... it's comfy, cozy, perfect for lazy days, but also looks good with just about anything. i can't get enough of this colour lately. and these boots... when my mom cleaned out her closet a few months ago, i snagged these boots up. they need new laces and they're about a half size too big, but that never stops me from wearing them.

{ eyes ~ rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner, covergirl lashexact mascara ;
lips ~ mary kay signature lipstick in crimson }

my goal for today was to DIY something, but i think an outfit post is good enough.
happy sunday!

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