April 28, 2013

more maxi skirts

{ vest & skirt ~ thrifted ; shirt ~ walmart ; belt & sandals ~ kohls }

this is the other maxi skirt i referenced in twist & shout. it's so fun and vibrant and this is actually the first time i've worn it out in public. and my vest? it's that denim shirt from denim daze... spur of the moment cutting of the sleeves made me love it a lot more, i think.

i went on a little adventure today and it felt really good to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy the nice weather we had today. i went for a little walk downtown and then stopped at a bar/restaurant on the edge of town to visit a family friend who works there. tomorrow i start work and i'm sort of nervous but still really excited at the same time.

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection in tempt }

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! :)

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