May 30, 2013

the last of may

my burlington trip included: playing with my mom's new kitten, adrian's runs, trips to kenosha with bryce & noelle, and mom's homecooked dinner. i also got to feel my nephew, baby S, kick for the first time; i can't believe i'm going to be an auntie in 6 weeks!

i didn't go to chocolate fest as planned, but it was nice to spend time with my friends & family before returning back to waupaca. in the last few days, i've: devoted my life to hardee's, gotten a few emails from prospective jobs, HIT THE HALFWAY POINT IN MY 365, and spent a very relaxing day off with my love.

may was so good to me. i'm excited to see what june has in store... noelle's baby shower is in a couple weeks, and hopefully my senior season will start kicking into gear. i've been uninspired with ootd's lately, but hopefully i can get back into the swing of things there too!

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