June 04, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about goals lately, both short-term and long term. Reading Elise's blog has given me the inspiration and mindset I think I was previously lacking to make some of these a reality.

  • Learn how to sew, even if it's just with a needle and thread by hand
  • Decorate a plain onesie for Baby S
  • Keep going strong with my 365: go out and shoot every day, even when it's raining or I worked all day and all I want to do is lay in bed
  • Continue photographing every day adventures with Instagram, because in the end I know I'll be grateful that I have snippets of my days once they all start running into one another
  • SPENDING FREEZE, everything I do not need will not be bought
  • Blog more
  • Go back to school; I've applied to the local community college for Spring 2014 and once I scrounge up enough to pay the application fee, the waiting will begin
  • Move out of Justin's parent's house by the end of the year, but we're really shooting for end of summer
  • Start eating better... one cannot and should not be living on Ramen Noodles, Cheerios & Hot Ham 'n' Cheese's alone
  • Research domain name pricing and website hosting/designers and get myself an actual website for my photography
A lot of times I forget about the potential this blog has, and how much potential I have as a writer. I've been using my tumblr since 2009 and I still love tumblr and don't think I can ever leave it fully behind, but right now I'm making a promise to myself to use this blog more, whether it's little life lately snippets, actual photoshoots or ootd posts.

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