June 10, 2013

the stairs of awesome

 These are what I used to refer to as the stairs of awesome. See that light? It's beautiful. Today, it was my goal to capture the stairs of awesome... until I tripped and fell the wrong way onto my right foot, which is now swollen. The phrase of the day has become "Ow, ow, $#@%-ity ow," with "Ugh. Stairs." as a close second. So those smiles in those pictures down there? Totally forced.

Shirt: Shop Ruche
Jeans: Walmart
Vest: Old Navy
Bandanna: Momma
Shoes: Kohl's

I'm currently thanking the Scheduling Gods that I don't have to work tomorrow... but I do have a job interview that I will be hobbling to! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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