November 26, 2013

it's been a long year

Hat & Cardigan & Dress: Old Navy, Shirt: JC Penney, Tights & Socks: Kmart, Boots: Mom

I have bittersweet feelings about today, as it would have marked the end of second 365 project. Another 365/365. I quit my project back in September, shortly after reaching day 300, because all I was doing was taking crappy Instagram shots and calling them good enough. I didn't want my photography to be ever be "good enough." I want it to be spectacular; I want it to make me feel alive. I want it to make the viewer feel something.

Only photographing on my days off now makes me feel good. It's productive: my camera isn't sitting in the corner, gathering dust, and I get to make a blog post. It gets my creative juices flowing, and for that I am always thankful.

Thinking back on my 365 project makes me realize how much has actually changed in a year. A year ago I was living at home, commuting 50 miles back and forth every day to a job I wasn't even sure I wanted anymore, and Justin and I were still stuck on Skype every night. Turn an entire 360 degrees to now: I live with Justin, we work together, we have our own apartment. I have become a fully independent person. I learned how to use this blog to its full potential instead of just letting it gather dust.

I'm grateful for so much... but that seems like a more appropriate post for Thursday. ;) I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for me and Justin and I'm mildly terrified because this will be my first time actually cooking a huge dinner. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Glad things are going well! On a purely sartorial note, I love your polka dot tights :)

  2. I liked her polka dot tights!!!
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