November 30, 2013


Our first Thanksgiving... a tiny pumpkin we acquired from work after Halloween served as our autumn decorations for the year. I got up early and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and vegged out on our new couch with my stack of library books. I found a festive sticker on an old piece of mail, and decided to play around with the A Beautiful Mess app that just became available for Android phones (and had fun playing with it all day, as you can see).

This was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner, my first time cooking a big meal in general. Justin helped a lot and was there to calm my nerves when I got stressed out. I can only hope things go easier as far as cooking is concerned when we have more than just one pan to cook with on the stove, a few cookie sheets and cake pans to put in the oven, and some tupperware bowls to store stuff in. For our limited resources, I was so proud of this dinner.

Our menu included a turkey roast, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy (or sour cream if you're like me), green bean casserole for Justin, corn and peas for me, dinner rolls, sweet potatoes, with French Silk pie and a Reeses Creme pie for dessert.

It was weird spending Thanksgiving without my family this year. My dad called and we chatted for a little while. My mom and I texted each other and we kept each other updated on our days through Facebook and Instagram pictures. I'm so grateful for my parents and being 3 hours away from them on such a family-oriented holiday felt strange and so so weird, but it's nice to know that we know how to keep in touch. And we always say "I love you."

Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving? :)

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