April 30, 2013

life lately

life lately has been crazy.
i moved to waupaca, turned 21, went job hunting, bonded with justin's cats, have done grocery shopping and errand running, and we welcomed spring. justin bought me flowers for no reason. i've watched a lot of grey's anatomy on netflix on days when job hunting felt less than hopeful (i'm halfway through season 8!).
tomorrow i officially start my new job at hardee's, and my friend bryce turns 21 tomorrow.

april, you were a blast. but i'm excited to see what may has in store for me.

it's too darn hot

{ vest ~ thrifted ; tank ~ old navy ; dress ~ target ; sandals ~ kohls }

eighty-six degrees... 86 degrees at the end of april.
the title of today's post comes from my show choir medley we competed with my senior year of high school... oh, fire & ice, you were so good to me.

my vest is actually a pajama top, and i'm quite in love with it.
i used to be insecure about wearing this dress until i unearthed a good pair of bicycle shorts to wear underneath it.
and y'all should probably prepare to see these sandals a lot, now that we've progressed pretty much from spring straight into summer.

tomorrow i have my first real day of work, eep.

April 28, 2013

more maxi skirts

{ vest & skirt ~ thrifted ; shirt ~ walmart ; belt & sandals ~ kohls }

this is the other maxi skirt i referenced in twist & shout. it's so fun and vibrant and this is actually the first time i've worn it out in public. and my vest? it's that denim shirt from denim daze... spur of the moment cutting of the sleeves made me love it a lot more, i think.

i went on a little adventure today and it felt really good to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy the nice weather we had today. i went for a little walk downtown and then stopped at a bar/restaurant on the edge of town to visit a family friend who works there. tomorrow i start work and i'm sort of nervous but still really excited at the same time.

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection in tempt }

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! :)

April 26, 2013


{ button down ~ target ; shirt ~ thrifted ; jeans & shoes ~ walmart }

i got up early this morning, and that proved to be a very very good thing. i got a call for a surprise interview at 9 for 11 o' clock, and guess who is now officially employed!(!!!!)
i am ecstatic. this outfit is sort of what i wore to my interview, except i wore my black dress pants instead of jeans.

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl lip perfection in tempt }

spring is officially here! after i came in from taking these pictures i had to change into a dress because it's so hot in the house. today has been such such a good day.
have a good weekend!

April 24, 2013

twist and shout

{ shirt & belt ~ kohls ; skirt ~ thrifted ; boots ~ hand-me-down }

it's one of my first adventures into the world of maxi skirts, which i always say that i can't wear because i'm so short. but i'm seriously so in love with this. i thrifted this skirt plus another red crazy patterened maxi skirt at the goodwill in savannah when i was still at SCAD. it was actually one of my last, if not the last, thrifting finds from savannah.

{ eyes ~ naked palette & benefit they're real mascara }

it feels like spring! i want to go dance in the street because it's so nice outside. and i'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear from the jobs i interviewed for by the end of the week.

April 21, 2013

fotd: galaxy eyes

for this look, i used my cinderella palette. i wanted to do something with the brighter colours in the palette and i love the way this turned out.

colours used: maiden, destined, ball gown, kill joy, royal, & rococo

i might start doing more fotd's if i really like my makeup that day!

April 20, 2013

in disguise

{ sweater & leggings ~ walmart ; dress ~ target ; boots ~ lane bryant }

i've been wearing this outfit for a couple weeks and finally got the chance to photograph it today. and i have a secret... my dress is actually a nightgown in disguise.

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ revlon lip butter in peach parfait }

i'm currently in love with benefit's they're real mascara. it's part of the sephora birthday gift this year and i think when i run out, i'm going to purchase a full size one because my lashes have seriously never looked this good.

i can finally taste spring. it's supposed to be in the 60s this week!
and i had two interviews yesterday, one at a grocery store and one at goodwill. i think i may have bombed the grocery store interview, but i'm almost positive the goodwill one went really really well. i'm excited to maybe get this job... me, working at a thrift store. i'll be in heaven. i should hear if i got the job by the end of next week, so please keep fingers crossed for me!

have a good weekend everyone!

April 17, 2013

where are you spring?

{ shirt ~ target ; cardigan ~ thrifted ; jeggings ~ walmart ; boots ~ mom's closet }

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ covergirl spellbound }

it's supposed to be spring but it's still in the 30s. earlier this week it was in the 50s. at least i have a job interview on friday! i'm still getting adjusted to life here. it's quite a change.

April 11, 2013

polka dot blues

{ cardigan ~ american eagle ; shirt ~ target ; leggings ~ walmart ; boots ~ lane bryant }

hey blogosphere! i moved to waupaca yesterday! i'm excited to start this new chapter of my life, and i promise i'll be back with updates soon. :)

{ eyes ~ naked palette ; lips ~ maybelline color sensational vivid lipstick in fuchsia flash }

this is my new favourite lipstick. review coming soon!
have a good weekend everyone. :)

April 06, 2013


{ cardigan ~ old navy ; shirt & jeggings~ walmart ; boots ~ mom's closet }

aqua jeggings are a thing now. and it's like 60 degrees out right now. hello spring!

{ lips ~ party parrot ; necklace ~ boyfriend }