May 09, 2014

currently, may edition

living in my gold glitter loafers... best thrift find ever

obsessing over signs of spring that are popping up everywhere

reading eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert (i'm like 1000 years late, i know)

wanting a bold initial mug like this one

watching what not to wear on netflix & i want to be stacey london when i grow up

lamenting sandra oh leaving grey's anatomy after next weeks season finale

loving before work phone calls with my best friend

creating a lot of real tangible things that i can hold in my hands and i'm so proud

missing art school... just a little bit

craving breakfast foods: pancakes, breakfast burritos, french toast & cereal are in our regular dinner rotation

documenting my mornings on instagram, i live for coffee shots

thinking about getting another tattoo, eventually

having a fantastic friday so far

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