May 22, 2014

self portrait therapy

Shirt, Skirt, Moccasins: Thrifted, Belt: Ruche

When I was culling and editing these photos, I thought more like a photographer instead of thinking "which ones will look good on my blog?" I only edited the images I 100% fell in love with, and these were the only two that made the final cut. This exercise reminded me of when I was really into flickr, during my first 365 and before all the site redesigns made me hate logging in in the first place. It feels so overwhelmingly awesome to be in this creative headspace again. I hope it lasts for a while.

I found this place by accident. I was waiting for my turn on the swings and decided to explore around the playground a little bit. I went up the hill to explore by the fence line of the park and found this awesome path hidden between the tree lines. I fell in love with the light and the warmth and this might become my new "spot" for picture taking, just one on the list of many where I know how to manipulate my surroundings through my lens so I can achieve the photos I want.

Spring is here in full force, and life feels so awesome because of it.

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