May 27, 2014

self portrait therapy

White Tank: Old Navy, Purple Tank: Kmart, Skirt: earthmama via Storenvy, Necklace: Thrifted

Sundays seem to call for spt (self portrait therapy) lately. I went in search of the pink flowered tree I took pictures with last year only to find that the only blooms left were at the very top of the tree, so I ventured into the woods as a backup. I fell in love with the light, and put my camera on Manual mode for the first time in forever. I'm getting back into the process of making images I love, and I love that.

I also love putting together summer outfits, my almost daily neighborhood walks, cream cheese + raspberries & blackberries OR avocado on toast, that Whiskers keeps me company when I drink my coffee & eat breakfast every morning, driving with windows down & listening to pants off dance off, and that the sun stays out until around 8:30 these days.

Life is so good, you guys.

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