May 30, 2014

spinning potential

Dress (tucked into skirt): Target, Skirt & Shoes: Thrifted

I got off early from work last night, and the sun was still up. So I walked to the park on the corner and took advantage of the awesome light. One of my coworkers drove past and honked at me, which kinda made me smile. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SKIRT. I thrifted it on Tuesday from Good Will and it's perfect: colour, length, pleats, spinning. Every skirt I buy from now on will have to live up to this one in spin potential.

Taking pictures last night felt like last summer, when I would get off of work at 7, rush home to change and grab my camera and go take my 365 before the sun went down. In a way I miss my 365 because I miss stretching my creative muscles every day... But at the same time, doing a 52 weeks and only taking photos when I have time for photos ensures I don't get burnt out. My first 365 made me love photography. Working at a portrait studio made me hate it, just a little bit, but also gave me valuable experience I needed to be able to expand my business. Now only shooting for myself when I want (but also committing to absolutely picking up my camera once a week) feels like I've reached a happy medium.

Summer is on the horizon. I have to get a plan in gear for senior pictures this year... something tells me a photoshop coma is in my near future.

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  1. Not getting burned out = good! I love that color too.