June 06, 2014

chevron & sunshine

Dress: Thrifted (originally Lane Bryant)

Thursdays are weird without Grey's Anatomy, so I started my annual "I miss Grey's so I'm rewatching the entire series" thing on Netflix. I'm learning how to open at work, which means a 3:30 AM wake up time. I get up, drink my coffee, watch an episode while I eat my breakfast & check social media. Then I get home and sometimes sit down to watch an episode and end up taking a little nap instead. But yesterday it was far too nice out to sit inside and watch TV. So I went to the park and sat in the grass, made a little more progress on The Happiness Project, and of course wore something cute so I could photograph it. It was a perfect sunshiney afternoon.

Today my dad is in town looking at my car, and we're spending the weekend together so I may be MIA for a couple of days. Have a good weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. I love your dress! And it sounds like a lovely few days ~ Minus waking up super early.