June 08, 2014

early father's day

My padre came up this weekend to go to a car show in the next town over, and we spent the weekend together. He looked at my leaky power steering hose in my car on Friday and we ran all over town looking for someone to fix it. Every auto shop in town couldn't fit me in until at least Tuesday, so here's to hoping someone can actually fix it for me. On Saturday after I got off of work, he picked me up in his baby, the '72 Monte Carlo and we hung out a couple of his friends at Channel Cats. There's nothing like drinking Jack & Coke's and beers with your dad on a Saturday afternoon. We watched boats go by on the river and just talked for hours. It started to rain so we headed back into town and stopped at Mo's for ice cream before he went home.

It was so lovely to be able to see my dad this weekend and to, in a sense, celebrate Father's Day with him a couple of weeks early.

Week 23/52!

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