August 13, 2014

inspired by...

Inspired by... will hopefully be a new series to feature people (bloggers, creators, instagrammers, etc.) that are doing things that I love. First up is Elise Blaha Cripe. If you've been reading my blog for at least a year now, you might know that I've made it no secret that I look up to Elise in so many ways. I go back through her blog archives almost monthly when I'm digging for inspiration, something to make me feel like creating again. She makes me want to create stuff that blows my mind.

Elise's Instagram feed is one of my favourites. When I mindlessly scroll through Instagram in the morning while I wait for my coffee to brew, hers is usually one of the first ones I check for updates. Her photos are so simple and yet they're so full of life and joy and awesomeness. Her #eliselovesmornings project inspired me to take pictures of my coffee every morning. She inspires me to look at my every day life in a whole new way. Her photos remind me that there is always something beautiful within the mundane.

In April, Elise launched her very own Podcast: Elise Gets Crafty. This launch became an absolute game changer for my Wednesday mornings (or if I'm up before the sun, I listen on Thursdays). I love hearing Elise talk shop, small business, and creativity. My favourite guests have been Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess, Ann-Marie Espinoza, and Jen Lara. Often after listening, I make lists of everything that pops into my head, whether that list involves blog post ideas or new photoshoots or things I want to save for. This podcast has sparked something in my brain and I truly love listening to it every week.

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  1. I love her blog as well! One of my favorites!