September 20, 2014

magic in the making

Since the beginning of the month, I've been taking a few moments to write down what I'm thankful for every day. Buying this $4 journal from Kmart recently has been a saviour to my sanity.

I'm thankful for... coffee, red lipstick, photography, pretty sunsets, sweater weather, the ability to do what I love, quiet time, golden hour, Justin, naps, kitty cuddles, wine coloured nail polish, good books, my memory, Justin's family, my family, my best friends, honey whiskey, thick blankets on cold nights, apple cinnamon tea, blogging, my ugly sweater collection, candle light, belly laughs, thoughtful coworkers, independence, good books, painting, bright colours, cooler weather, long phone calls, bubble baths, self confidence, gold glitter, black and white stripes, summer, caramel apple sundaes from Adrian's, Netflix, social media, good opportunities, a creative vision, worn in boots, statement jewelry, winged eyeliner, eskimo kisses, (almost) never going to bed angry, white walls, easy dinners, inside jokes, and the ability to start each day with a fresh start.

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