January 22, 2015

25 secrets

I haven't slept yet & I'm on my third cup of coffee

I'm a lefty

When I was born I weighed 2lbs. 

I have a metal clip in my heart holding my PDA valve closed

Less than 50 days until Adrian's opens, which means I have a countdown for spring!

I can't bring myself to finish the last season of Gilmore Girls because the plot went downhill so badly

I have 5.5 more stripes to knit on my blanket before I'm calling it done

Hardee's cinnamon raisin biscuits with extra icing is my favorite breakfast 

Runner up for favorite breakfast goes to chocolate chip waffles covered in Nutella

My daily makeup routine is eyebrows, winged liner, & mascara. 

Justin got me hooked on the Hoshin Engi manga & I can't put it down

I feel bad because that means I'm ignoring the rest of the mile high stack of books in my to read pile

I'm learning to embrace neutral colors

I still have all the words to all the songs on Avril Lavigne's first album memorized (13 years later)

My favorite condiment is barbecue sauce

"Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson always fits into every season of my life

The sun baby from Teletubbies terrifies me

I miss Sandra Oh on Grey's

And I'm super excited for Grey's to come back next week

Nothing beats putting sweaters on fresh out of the dryer

I alternate between Almond Joy, Caramel Macchiato, and Samoa coffee creamers

I want a camera tattoo

I'm a sucker for "best of _______" & "I Love the (Decade)" shows

This post took me almost an hour to write

And now I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime & work on my blanket

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