January 30, 2015

tassel garland (+ a giveaway!)

Last night I was bored and perusing Pinterest for something to do while I was waiting for Justin to come home from work. I settled on a mini tassel garland and I loosely followed this tutorial by La La Lovely.

I used yarn instead of embroidery thread and I wrapped it around my hand instead of using cardboard... And instead of using the glue gun to hold everything in place, I just tied knots to hold the tassels together. 

I made the little one above for myself, and I made this longer one to give away here! Leave a comment telling me one thing you'd like to see more of on the blog & I'll pick a winner next Friday morning.

Good luck! 


  1. Wow Anna, I just love this. And your book review post. So good. If love to see both more reviews (books, music, movies that get you through seasons etc) and even more creative tips and tutorials! So fun. I also think that you should keep up the photos of adventures (even little adventures) because they're six great reminders of tiny shards of gold in each day!

  2. Ahhh this tassel thing is so cute!!! It would look so cute on my wall, since I have mostly black and white pictures on it. I love all your posts, but I think you should do more DIY's or recipes like your Nutella hot chocolate!