January 10, 2015

my new obsession

In November, I taught myself how to knit. I was majorly inspired by Elise's November installment of MAKE29 and didn't get the blanket I wanted... So I thought "why not knit it myself?!"

I've been posting progress pictures on Instagram and my knitting has been accompanying my morning coffee in pictures more often than not these days. This is a big reason why I love Instagram: when working on a project, process pictures help keep you accountable. Taking pictures of the process and documenting progress makes me feel like I'm actually working on something and accomplishing it.

Teaching myself how to knit is probably the best thing to happen to me this winter. I taught myself the garter stitch via YouTube and I'm forever thankful we live in a world with the technology that allows me to do that. I love my new hobby and I'm sure there will be more progress posts as my blanket comes farther and farther along. 

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