January 27, 2015

nutella hot chocolate

One of my favorite treats during winter is Nutella hot chocolate. I first discovered it in a post on tumblr in 2011 before I flew back to Savannah from Christmas break and I crave it every time it snows.

It's also one of the easiest things to make ever. 

Hot chocolate mix
Marshmallows/whipped cream (optional)

Use whichever mug you plan on drinking from to measure out how much milk you need. Pour into a small sauce pan and turn the stove on medium high heat. Use 1 tbsp. of Nutella (or just take a big heaping spoonful like I always do) and add to the milk, stirring to break up the Nutella and to make sure the milk doesn't burn. Check the temperature of the milk occasionally to see if it's hot enough yet. If you want a richer hot cocoa, use a packet of hot chocolate mix and stir that in too. When it's hot enough, pour back into your mug & top with marshmallows/whipped cream/garnish of your choice. 

Nutella hot chocolate is one of my very favourite hot cocoa creations. Stay warm & cozy out there, friends. 

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