February 05, 2015

life goes on

My great Aunt Betty passed away on Tuesday night. She was my grandma's last living sibling, and now my grandma is the only one left. Whenever I think about my aunt Betty, I think of watching the movie Babe and how she always offered me ginger snaps whenever I went to her house with my grandma.

For my birthday one year I got the American Girl doll Samantha and my aunt Betty made me a ton of outfits for her. She was always doing stuff like that, making doll clothes, woodworking, painting, crafting. She was part of the reason I told everyone I was hellbent and determined to be an artist at seven years old. 

My Aunt Betty was a powerhouse. Until 2009, she went to Yellowstone National Park and worked for half the year for 10 whole years. Her stubbornness and determination are so inspirational to me. She was fiercely independent and wanted everything done her way... I can see a lot of myself and my mom in her and in my grandma. 

Her celebration of life is on Saturday the 28th and I have to make arrangements with work, but I really really hope I can make it. Rest in Peace, Aunt Betty. I love you.  

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