March 22, 2015

2 years

Dear Buddy,

Two years ago we lost you. You crossed over the rainbow bridge and none of us have ever been the same. You were only "my cat" for 5 months but God damn it I loved you so much. I miss you being a bed hog and snoring like a motorcycle. I miss you and Bubba competing for the last bite of my sandwich. I miss you meowing like crazy if you didn't get fed right at 5 o'clock. 

When I came home from California you started hanging out in my closet. I eventually had to pick you up so you would be able to climb on my bed. You chose my room as your solitude spot, where you knew you were probably going to die. Bruce told me you were basically "my cat" when it happened, even though Bruce and his mom took you in and raised you for 14 years before you made the move to Wisconsin. 

I miss you Buddykitty. I'd give anything to snuggle with you in the sunlight one more time. 

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