March 23, 2015

magic monday

Friday night we got our first spring rain. I got out of work and felt tiny raindrops on my skin and took a deep breath. I forgot what rain smelled like. It smells like spring, like earthworms and dirt and new beginnings. It made me genuinely excited for this new season. I'm inspired to bring out my camera again, to play with film, to take self portraits.

I want to put the last three months behind me, because they have been hard. I have grown so much and that's not without a lot of growing pains. They haven't been without a lot of fumbling around, losing sight of myself and then refiguring out who I am inside. Spring gives me the hope that I can try again. I can fall and get back up, that I can be stronger than the self that I once was. 

Happy Monday, friends. I hope it's Magic for you. 

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