April 18, 2015

currently, april edition

enjoying the signs of spring that are popping up everywhere (except you, allergies)

dreaming of a day off to do nothing but creative work (I can't wait for Monday!)

setting a wedding date... october 1, 2015 (aka the anniversary of the day we first met in person!)

watching thursday's episode of grey's & it feels like the old seasons again

drinking coffee with coconut creamer... tastes like summer 

eating a lot of salads with mushrooms & tomatoes & honey mustard

staring at a pile of dishes that's been calling my name for two days

using a ton of Chapstick (see note to allergies above)

listening to a lot of fleetwood mac lately

searching online for a wedding dress (eep)

baking cupcakes! (after doing the dishes, of course)

feeling more & more in love with Justin & spring & life in general every day

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