May 30, 2015

always, sometimes, never

I always...
+ stop for flowers
+ drink at least one cup of coffee in the morning
+ sleep with some sort of blanket
+ preheat the oven
+ get breaking news from the Internet
+ wear socks when I wear sneakers
+ chip off my nail polish

I sometimes...
~ think we should just get rid of the TV
~ stress out about little things
~ match & fold our socks
~ have a short attention span
~ eat Nutella straight out of the jar 
~ match my outfit to my lipstick
~ wish it was 65* & sunny all year round

I never...
- take sunshine for granted
- eat toaster waffles with syrup
- want to stop taking pictures
- have enough battery life on my phone
- leave the house in yoga pants
- get enough sleep
- delete my email

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