May 28, 2015

coffee cup rambles

The cup is empty and also full of possibility. 

Unintentional Packer colored coffee cups. Two empty, from yesterday and the day before. One still half full, giving me time to mull over my to do list, to brainstorm what I want from today. I wish I could say I had schedule craft time on deck for today. Or that I had a photo adventure all planned out. But I have to go dedicate 8+ hours to Hardee's tonight. 

So I need to put my game face on. I'm listening to yesterday's episode of Elise Gets Crafty. I need to emotionally prepare myself for a Thursday night after a coupon insert came out yesterday, and then when I am prepared for that, I need to start preparing myself to be running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off busy all weekend. Looking forward to Saturday though, when I work breakfast and get done in the early afternoon and have some time to get crafty after work. 

Coffee cup is empty. It's go time. 

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